About 👋🏻

Originally from Manchester, I moved down to Brighton in 2017. Mainly for the beach and great people.

I’m a big fan of travelling, running and good design. You’ll normally find me looking into the next destination or mid-century furniture that I definitely don't have the space for...

I work at a great agency in central Brighton (Seed) with a client base that spreads from one man bands to e-commerce giants. Most of my time at Seed is spent on creating bespoke software, websites or internal efficiency tools. Freelancing allows me the space to work with people that don’t have the budget for a big agency, like startups or local businesses.

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What I do well

  • Building performant websites and apps with a range of technologies.
    (HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, ExpressJS, Gatsby, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails etc...)

  • Obsessing (healthily) over the details to make sure products work as best they can.

  • Taking in the wider context of digital projects.
    (Environmental + Social Impact)

What I’m learning

  • More about complex, scalable cloud system architecture.

  • The maths behind computer science, and why things work as they do.

  • How to communicate the environmental costs of ‘everyday’ digital products.

Non-work-y things

  • Watching Basketball.

  • Swimming + paddle boarding around Brighton.

  • Reading classic Sci-Fi novels.

  • Running Fiddle & Thorn 🌿


If you need a hand with a development project, do send me an email at the address below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.