Freelance Web Developer Brighton

I create bespoke, lightweight websites from the ground up based on your specifications.

Using modern tools to create minimal, effective code the sites I build have vastly increased performance both in site speed and search engines.

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Why choose a bespoke website?

Get exactly the features you need and leave room to expand in future.

Finding a theme or out-of-the-box website with all of the specific features you need can be extremely difficult. I can help you find out what you need and get it built.

Display your brand exactly how you want it to be displayed to your online audience.

Nothing ties together a brand like a professional website. I can work with you or your designer to build something that represents your brand just as it should.

Get a lightweight, fast and responsive website – without all the heavy plugins.

Most out-of-the-box websites have to cover every possible use case, this means they normally end up with far too much code for yours. This impacts speed, SEO and usability massively.

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How I can help with
bespoke development

Designing and building a new website from the ground up.

If you’re looking for a new website and don’t know the next steps, I can walk you through the process from ideation → design → launch.

Making alterations to an existing website.

If you’ve already got a website you love but you could do with a few odds and ends fixing or new features I’m more than happy to get them sorted.

Developing your website from designs you already have.

If you’ve got a design in mind, or already completed, I can make that into a functioning website with all of the features you want directly from the PDFs.

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Keeping organised

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Organisation is my thing. I use all kinds of industry leading tools to make sure that I can do my best work efficiently and effectively.

This means that you get consistent updates on project progression, simpler communication and deliverables that ship on time.